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High quality and potent medicinal mushrooms from the deepest forests of the north.

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Discover the beauty of nature through our Finnish mushroom extracts. For centuries, medicinal mushrooms, such as Chaga and Lion's Mane, have been used worldwide for their unique health benefits. We offer a journey to the heart of the forest, where you can explore the benefits that Maitake, Shiitake, Hedgehog mushroom and Sprängticka offer. All our extracts are organically produced with the greatest respect for nature and its balance.

We believe that true health comes from nature. Therefore, our products are free of additives and preservatives, which guarantees a pure and natural experience. Each product is carefully formulated to preserve the original power and essence of the mushroom, giving you the best nature has to offer.

Our webshop is more than just a place to buy mushroom extracts. We see it as a portal to knowledge and discovery, where you can learn about each mushroom's unique properties and benefits. Whether you are curious about the benefits of mushrooms or an experienced user, we strive to provide you with an enlightening and enriching experience.

Explore our range and let yourself be inspired by the wonders of nature. We welcome you to become part of a world where health and well-being are in harmony with nature.


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