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Why we don't sell Cordyceps: a firm stand for quality and science

At Hyferactive, our commitment to quality and scientific support is fundamental. This explains why, despite its popularity, we do not sell the famous Cordyceps mushroom. In this article we explore the world of Cordyceps, its different types, and our decision-making process behind our product range.

Cordyceps: a mushroom with two faces

Cordyceps, a genus of mushrooms known for their potential health benefits, has long fascinated scientists and health-conscious consumers alike. There are mainly two types of Cordyceps that have received attention: Cordyceps Militaris and Cordyceps Sinensis . Although both have their unique properties, it is Cordyceps Militaris that has been the subject of extensive research.

Cordyceps Militaris: regulated and banned in the EU

Despite the scientific interest in Cordyceps Militaris, its sale as a dietary supplement is highly regulated within the European Union, and is unfortunately currently illegal to sell as a dietary supplement. This is due to the strict rules surrounding the safety and sale of dietary supplements in the EU, something we should be grateful for even though it can sometimes feel a bit boring-- like now, for example. At Hyferactive, we take both laws, regulations and recommendations very seriously and have therefore chosen not to include Cordyceps Militaris in our range. So with militaris out of the picture, why don't we sell cordyceps sinensis instead?

Cordyceps Sinensis: potential and caution

While cordyceps militaris has been in the limelight of research, cordyceps sinensis is still an area with much left to explore. At Hyferactive we are interested in this mushroom species and are considering the possibility of including it in our range in the future. However, our decision to wait is based on a firm belief in only offering products that are backed by solid scientific research. One of our strongest principles is to only sell products that we ourselves are convinced do good. If we hadn't invested in a product for ourselves, why would we try to sell it to someone else?

A decision based on science and responsibility

Our choice to wait with cordyceps sinensis reflects our dedication to scientific integrity and responsibility to our customers. At Hyferactive we are not only interested in selling products; we are committed to offering something that can truly make a difference in our customers' lives. We strongly believe in only selling what we ourselves stand behind, based on research we trust.

At Hyferactive, every decision we make is rooted in a desire to offer the best for our customers. By focusing on scientific support and regulations, we ensure that each product we offer is not only unique, but also safe and credible. Our passion for authentic quality and scientific honesty drives us forward, and we look forward to continuing to offer innovative, research-based health products.

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